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Benelli TRK 702 Ready to Launch

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Benelli took a huge step forward with the launch of the TRK 800 at last year’s EICMA show, displaying a machine with the potential for mainstream international success that could replicate the sales of the smaller TRK 502 that’s topped the Italian charts for the last few years. Now another parallel-twin adventure model is due to join the range, with pictures of the TRK 702 emerging via a type-approval application.

We mentioned that a TRK 702 might be on the way last year when Benelli’s parent Qianjiang developed the Chinese-market QJmotor SRT700, and the new filings confirm that’s what’s happening, although the bike’s specs suggest it will compete directly against the fractionally larger TRK 800 in terms of performance.

This isn’t simply a sleeved-down version of the TRK 800, but a completely different machine. The TRK 800 features the same 754cc twin that’s used in the 752S roadster and the Leoncino 800, which is effectively two cylinders from the 1,130cc triple that powered the last generation of Tornado Tre, TNT 1130, and TreK 1130 models. The new TRK 702, by contrast, uses the 693cc twin that’s recently appeared in some of QJmotor’s Chinese market machines and is near-identical to the twin used in CFMoto’s 700CL-X, which is itself a development of that company’s Kawasaki-inspired 650 twin.

The different engine calls for a redesigned frame, though it’s conceptually similar to the TRK 800′s steel trellis design, and there’s also a different swingarm. The bodywork, while sharing the same look as the TRK 800, is completely new as well.

When it comes to the wheels, brakes, and suspension, there are further similarities to the TRK 800. Two versions of the TRK 702 have been approved, one with wire wheels and the other with alloys. The wire wheel version appears to use the same tubeless rims featured on the TRK 800, with 110/80R-19 front and 150/70R-17 rear rubber, and the radial Brembo calipers and petal-style discs are also carryovers. The alloy wheel model gets a smaller 17-inch front wheel with a 120/70ZR-17 tire, while the rear has a wider 160/60ZR-17 hoop.

The rest of the specs put the bike within spitting distance of the TRK 800. Weight is rated at 220 kilograms (485 pounds) wet, making it substantially lighter than the TRK 800 (226 kilograms/498 pounds dry), while peak power is 75 hp, compared to 76 hp for the TRK 800.

This year there’s also been evidence that Benelli is working on a new 799cc twin, based on the KTM LC8c design, which should be good for at least 95 hp. Between the newer 693cc and planned 799cc engines, it looks like there will be little space in the model range for the existing 754cc twin.

The designs shown in the type-approval filings show that the bike is effectively complete, right down to the paintwork and graphics. There are even additional versions with aluminum hard luggage fitted. However, it’s worth noting that there was also an earlier approval filing, also for a TRK 702, with the same chassis and engine but different bodywork. It’s clear the bike has been in development for a considerable time and was reworked to match the family style of the TRK 800.

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